Latvian Theatre Showcase

The Latvian Theatre Workers’ Union is responsible for the development of international relations in the field of theatre and for promoting the circulation of information under a contractual agreement with the Ministry of Culture of Latvia.

SKATE 2023

Latvian theatre showcase SKATE will take place from the 2nd to the 5th November in Riga. Our utmost goal is to introduce and showcase the vibrant world of Latvian theatre to the esteemed international community of professionals. 

SKATE 2023 Curators

We – Evgeniya and Maija – are curating the programme of SKATE together. We have different tastes and different visions on theatre due to our different experiences. Nonetheless, we have a common dream – to introduce our foreign colleagues to Latvian theatre as it definitely deserves it. That is the reason why we have chosen very diverse performances for this year’s SKATE and are inviting guests from many different countries. According to our agreement with companies and artists, they have chosen the performances by themselves and there is only one rule they had to follow, and we believe it is the most important. The chosen performances have to show the principles behind general strategy of particular theatre as precisely as possible. Latvian theatre has not been involved in similar showcases for a while and during this time emerging artists and directors have evolved into respected professionals, while a new generation of artists has appeared promising new accomplishments. It was important to us to give Latvian theatre this opportunity to show itself in all its diversity.

To provide a chance for the artists of Latvia to reveal their work in full we will also hold a programme representing Latvian artists and institutions working in the space of theatre. It will be an unique opportunity to learn about ongoing events and changes in the Latvian performing arts, to meet people behind independent theatres and festivals, to get a comprehensive and multi-faceted view on Latvian theatre industry and to engage in discussions on potential international projects and cooperation.

We hope that SKATE festival will be a lot more than just a platform for showcasing Latvian theatre but will also encourage discussions, provide grounds for building new connections and initiate new projects.

Jevgeņija Šermeņeva

Theatre critic, Producer

Contacts of the organisers of SKATE: Jevgēņija Šermeņeva, Maija Pavlova: