The Whale’s Song

Latvian original dramaturgy, Original music, Puppet or object theatre

Author (s): Ance Muižniece
Creative team:
- Directing: Rūdolfs Apse
- Stage and costume design: Līga Zepa
- Composer: Staņislavs Kuļikovs
- Light design: Uldis Andersons
- Roles are played by: Pēteris Galviņš

Producer: Latvia Puppet Theatre 
Date of premiere: 26/05/2023
Duration: 0:50
Dates in SKATE: 3/11/2023
Venue in SKATE: Riga Latvian Society House (Rīgas Latviešu Biedrības nams)
Translation: Performed in Latvian with English synopsis

Three most important summers of my life. Cassette tapes, bread with sugar, a secret plan to save the world, a crime and her – feelings that shook my world. It took a long time before I understood the actual impact they had on me. It took a long time to understand that I truly begin with the moment Vendel was formed, the moment when I was twelve. As if I didn’t exist before that.

Without realising it myself, I have always prepared for this concert. Yet “The Whale’s Song” isn’t just a one-song album about everything up to this moment. It is… I can’t even describe properly what it is. Even scientists still disagree on why whales sing: is it to attract a mating partner? To announce miles away that they are in love? Maybe they are just trying to gain attention, to express themselves artistically, to communicate?

Maybe whales sing because they can’t not sing.