Baltic Drama Forum 2023

Think Tank for Playwrights and Dramaturges “BALTIC IN/DEPENDENCE”


Think Tank “Baltic In/dependence” organised by Baltic Drama Forum is an international meeting for playwrights and dramaturges in Riga. It will raise discussions about the work of different playwrights and about the ways it integrates into the structures of performing arts in the North and East European countries by looking for connections and methods for stable and secure work, as well as for international cooperation. 

The Think Tank will take place over three days (31.10.-2.11.2023). It will include introductions, sharing of practices, discussions about the work done by the participants, representation of this work, similarities and differences in the stage arts of each country, challenges and potential solutions. At the end of the workshop (2.11.2023) professionals and anyone who’s interested in the field are invited to a public discussion about the ideas that have emerged during the workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to attend the Baltic Drama Forum's programme of international performances, as well as to meet representatives from Latvian and the surrounding region theatres. The Think Tank is curated by Evarts Melnalksnis.