Baltic Drama Forum 2023

Pocket guide

Latvian playwrights and dramaturges: current vibes

We are glad to welcome you here – in the expanded e-version of the „Pocket guide. Latvian playwrights and dramaturges: current vibes”. Here it is possible not only to get acquainted with playwrights and dramaturges, explore their descriptions of themselves, but also to take a closer look at their professional activities, by reading fragments of the works chosen by the authors themselves.

This guide is a compilation of information on twelve playwrights who have been actively involved in the Latvian theatre scene over the recent years and are continuously creating original works that are represented by professional, publicly funded theaters.

The article in this guide offers a condensed insight into the context of dramatic theatre education and activities in Latvia and examines the most prominent trends in the works and working methods of the playwrights and dramaturges. The most important goal of this e-version is to supplement the printed edition, allowing you not only to learn about these playwrights and dramaturges, but also to get acquainted with fragments of their works. 

We asked the selected playwrights and dramaturges to provide a paragraph’s worth of what they consider the most important aspects of their professional activities – fully aware that this is perhaps the most complicated and unpleasant task one could ask of a playwright or dramaturge, but believing that their own words and concise message would provide the most accurate first impression. The playwrights’ and dramaturges’ texts about themselves are as different as their works – one offers a concentrated amount of information, while another resembles a personal diary entry. Next to these introductions you will find the artists’ contact information, which you are most welcome to use, should you wish to get in touch. 

We hope this short overview of the Latvian playwriting and dramaturgy landscape will prove to be engaging reading, provide a general understanding of the processes, and that it will encourage collaboration with these and other Latvian theatre professionals. 


This project has been developed by The Latvian Theatre Workers’ Union, as a part of the Baltic Drama Forum 2023. We would like to remind you that all rights are reserved, including the rights of reproduction of the plays in whole or in part in any form. If you are interested, please contact individual authors or The Latvian Theatre Workers’ Union (