Latvian playwrights and dramaturges: current vibes

Klāvs Mellis


I don't really call and consider myself a playwright. Rather, by coincidence, I've become a kind of part time theatre (and not only) copywriter. I started doing this after finishing my theatrical directing studies. First, I was experimenting by writing texts for my own performances, but for a while now I've been asked to write something by someone else and I'm happy to agree because, unlike other theatrical professions, writing is much less about dealing with other people. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve nothing against it, but sometimes it's nice to take a break from it too. I've worked quite diversely, writing both dramatic and post dramatic texts, but I actually love designing small, compact, melodramatic well-made plays. Sometimes I also create dramatisations of literary works, but most often it accidentally happens, that only the general vibe and the title has remained from its source material. Over the past year, I have written librettos of two operas and I’m looking forward to their premieres.