About union

Latvian Theater Employees' Union (LTDS) is a non-governmental organization in which professional theater employees have united voluntarily. The aims of the association are the preservation, promotion and development of Latvian Theater culture, protection of the professional, economic and social interests of its members and raising the prestige of theater professions. The association represents the common professional, economic and social interests of its members in state, local governments and other institutions and organizations. With 580 members, LTDS is one of the largest creative unions in the Latvian Council of Creative Unions.

Cultural political activity

TDS is one of the largest members of the Council of Creative Unions of Latvia (LRSP), which actively participates in solving issues of the State's cultural policy. LRSP systematically works on industry strategy planning works, as well as on the development of draft laws.

In 2015, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture (MoC), the Draft Law on Creative Persons and Organizations was developed, publicly discussed and improved. Meetings were held with influential non-governmental organizations, factions represented in the Saeima, and specific MPs. The draft law was presented twice in Saeima commissions. The next step is coordination of the draft law with the ministries.

The Council of Creative Unions is conducting a study on the remuneration of creative persons in the non-governmental sector in various sub-sectors of culture in order to develop recommendations and guidelines for the increase of remuneration in the projects of the State Cultural Capital Fund (VKKF).

In 2004, Latvian Professional Actors Association (LaPAA) was founded at the initiative of LTDS, which unites Latvian professional actors in the protection of their rights and takes care of the collective management of property rights. Thanks to the active activities of LTDS and the Association of Professional Actors, since 2016 an increase in wages has been achieved for those working in national theaters actors and technical staff.

Changes in various regulatory enactments and laws, the implementation of which may seriously threaten or worsen the situation of the cultural sector, are regularly monitored - for example, restrictions on the economic activity of NGOs, application of VAT to cultural event tickets, etc. LTDS is actively involved in the discussion of these proposals, prepares reasoned proposals and comment letters, engages in discussions.