About union

Latvian Theater Employees' Union (LTDS) is a non-governmental organization in which professional theater employees have united voluntarily. The aims of the association are the preservation, promotion and development of Latvian Theater culture, protection of the professional, economic and social interests of its members and raising the prestige of theater professions. The association represents the common professional, economic and social interests of its members in state, local governments and other institutions and organizations. With 580 members, LTDS is one of the largest creative unions in the Latvian Council of Creative Unions.

Social action

One of the activities of the LTDS association is improving the social well-being of the poor and socially disadvantaged groups. For years, the association has been taking care of its veteran members, both by organizing paid excursions around Latvia and visits to free theater performances, and by looking for and paying for rooms for veterans' monthly meetings, holding concerts on holidays, and financially helping our members, many of whom are low-income, within our means. In 2008, on the initiative of LTDS and LaPAA, the "Latvijas Teātru creative personality support fund" was founded, which attracts financial resources (in the form of donations) to provide material support to socially disadvantaged stage artists.

From April 22, 2016, the "Latvijas Teātra Creative Personality Support Fund" will henceforth be called the "RAMPA" Fund. The legal name will be the "RAMPA A" Fund. The Chairman of the Board of the Fund, taking over the work of Zane Jančevskas, will be the Latvian National Theater for the term until March 2017 actress Anna Klävere (Melbarde).

Such a decision was unanimously adopted at the fund's board meeting on March 8, 2016. The composition of the board - Dace Makovska, Zane Dombrovska, Vilis Daudzis and Māra Dzene.

"The name of our foundation has to be pronounced more and more often, which is of course very nice. But since the name of the foundation was a combination of six words until now, we decided that it was time to simplify it. We searched for a name for the foundation for a very long time, until finally it applied. And when it did, it was clear to everyone that it was the right one. The word for the relatively invisible zone that lies between the theater audience and the actor. The boundary between being on the stage and in the hall. The invisible barrier that the actor has every you have to overcome it once to get to your audience," says Zane Dombrovska, member of the board of the foundation, actress of the National Theater, about the name change.

Fund "RAMPA" donation account
Name: Fund "RAMPA A"
Reg. No.: 40008124224
Address: Dzirnavu Street 135, Riga, LV - 1050

For additional information
Zane Dombrovska, member of the board of the RAMPA Foundation
Email: zane.dombrovska@gmail.com
mobile phone: 26449044