Latvian playwrights and dramaturges: current vibes

Rasa Bugavičute - Pēce


My name is Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce and I'm a playwright. All sorts of texts for the theatre fascinate and inspire me, once again making me review generally accepted and self-evident things, to grasp the meaning of each thing and event in the so-called "big picture". The topics that I most often like to write about touch on a wide variety of relationships among different families, because I think the family as a phenomenon has inexhaustible dramaturgical potential, and every one of us are able to associate with it in one way or another. In my dramaturgy, I like to play with biographical stories, hiding them in the veil of fantasy, which brightens up certain facets of the stories and allows me to get to a degree of openness in the texts that can move the audience, causing them to at first laugh and then at least to have a lump in their throat, if not to burst into tears. I can write and rewrite different versions and variations of the same dialogue for an infinite amount of time until I feel like it sounds real enough. It's very important for me to be present as much as possible in the process of staging a play and to notice what seems most important to the director and actors in what is written. I also like to make dramatisations of various literary texts, thus training the muscles of dramaturgical perception and expression. I like to experiment with different forms of drama, and find them in collaboration with directors as well. After all, there is a reason why dramaturgy is action and dialogue! This is what I also find most captivating in the work of a playwright – to be in constant action and dialogue with colleagues and the audience. I believe that life is always more interesting than theatre and that is how it should be so that creative people like us – dramaturgs, would be inspired enough to deal with the world of theatre at all.

Excerpt from the play
by Rasa Bugavičute - Pēce


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