Latvian playwrights and dramaturges: current vibes

Matīss Gricmanis


Matīss Gricmanis is the leading playwright of the Daile Theatre and the author of several plays and scripts. In his work, he uses interdisciplinary methods – combining the study of history, the languages of theatre and cinema. He has participated in making of the documentary film "In the Sign of the Overturned Moon" about Islamic State militants from Latvia and in the creation of screenplays based on Latvian literature – J. Joņevs’ "Jelgava94" and A. Kolbergs' "Search for a Woman" (a multi-series film called "Criminal Case for a Beginner"). Having studied history, which plays a special role in creative work, Matīss will pay great attention to instilling documentary in the language of theatre. He has been nominated twice for the Latvian Theatre Award for his original work of the year and has received the National Film Award „Lielais Kristaps” for his work on "Criminal Case for a Beginner". Has taught dramaturgy to young playwrights. He writes himself, but also helps as a dramaturg in the creation of other productions.

Excerpt from the play
by Matīss Gricmanis


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