Adaptation of classical text, Contemporary performing art, Original music, Movement theatre/ choreographer

Author: William Shakespeare
Creative team:
- Directing: Elmārs Seņkovs
- Latvian translation: Jānis Elsbergs
- Set and costume design: Vladislav Ogay
- Costume design: Anna Heinrihsone
- Music: Anna Fišere
- Choreography: Elīna Gediņa
- Light design: Oskars Pauliņš
- Video design: Toms Zeļģis
- Assistant director: Toms Treinis, Marija Bērziņa
- Texts of the craftsmen’s troup: Matīss Budovskis
- Actors: Arturs Krūzkops, Gundars Grasbergs, Madara Botmane vai Maija Doveika, Raimonds Celms vai Matīss Budovskis, Liene Sebre vai Sanita Paula, Kārlis Reijers, Jana Ļisova, Igors Šelegovskis, Normunds Laizāns, Jānis Skanis, Mārcis Maņjakovs, Ivars Kļavinskis, Juris Hiršs, Elizabete Skrastiņa, Uldis Siliņš, Kaspars Aniņš, Romāns Bargais, Ance Kukule-Sniķere

Producer(s): Latvian National Theatre (Latvijas Nacionālais teātris)
Date of premiere: 13/05/2021
Duration: 2:00
Dates in SKATE: 2/11/2023
Venue in SKATE: Latvian National Theatre (Latvijas Nacionālais teātris)
TranslationSynopsis, titles

When nature is in full bloom and the air of summer night is vibrant, we end up in a reality where everything seems dreamlike, where instincts take over mind. 

This Shakespear’s play takes us to many realities. It plays not only with the reality of theatre, but also makes us think about the reality of our lives. All of us have been so taken by a dream that it holds on to us for days. 

Are we driven by instincts? Are there any other worlds? Is life but a dream? And, if life is a dream, what is death?