Latvian original dramaturgy, Original music, Puppet or object theatre, Children/family show

Author: Edgars Niklasons
Creative team:
- Directing: Edgars Niklasons
- Costume design: Edgars Niklasons
- Stage and puppet design: Evita Bēta
- Music: Kaspars Niklasons
- Light design: Uldis Andersons
- Movement: Jānis Putniņš
- Actors: Dace Vītola, Miķelis Žideļūns, Matīss Millers, Rihards Zelezņevs

Producer: Latvia Puppet Theatre 
Date of premiere: 12/12/2021
Duration: 0:50
Dates in SKATE: 4/11/2023
Venue in SKATE: Riga Latvian Society House (Rīgas Latviešu Biedrības nams)
TranslationPerformed in Latvian with English synopsis

No one really knows why Harry Pots has a pot on his head. Every day when kids see him come out of his house, they shout: “Pothead! Pothead!” and throw stones at his aluminium headgear. But that's not all – local  rascals Rat, Pidgeon and Greencrow have decided to break into Pothead's home and steal his dearest thing – the pot. Why do they have to act so cruel? Hasn't the strange man suffered enough from his neighbours’ abuse? But what if Pothead is not so innocent after all? One misunderstanding leads to another, and Potheads life takes a new turn... With new friends. 

A story about comprehending the incomprehensible or trying to look under the "Pot" that we have put upon ourselves to protect us from this cruel world. What is empathy? How does it help in making new friends? What to do when the "Pot" falls off and you must choose – put it back on or trust others to follow adventures?