Latvian original dramaturgy, Contemporary performing art

Author: Artūrs Dīcis
Creative team:
- Directing: Elmārs Seņkovs
- Set design: Reinis Suhanovs
- Music director: Edgars Mākens
- Costume design: Berta Vilipsone
- Light design: Oskars Pauliņš
- Video design: Toms Zeļģis
- Actors: Arturs Krūzkops, Laura Siliņa, Kārlis Reijers, Ieva Aniņa, Egils Melbārdis, Mārtiņš Brūveris, Daiga Kažociņa, Daiga Gaismiņa, Juris Lisners, Līga Zeļģe

Producer: Latvian National Theatre (Latvijas Nacionālais tēatris)
Date of premiere: 16/03/2023
Duration: 3:20
Alerts: 16+
Dates in SKATE: 4/11/2023
Venue in SKATE: Latvian National Theatre (Latvijas Nacionālais teātris)
TranslationSynopsis, titles

You wake up in the morning. A phone next to you. You pick it up, unlock it to learn who likes you, who comments on you. Then you open the news. War. Prices. Anxiety. No, let's skip that. Social media again. Everyone’s smiling, everyone's good. Suspicious. Two worlds, one phone. It’s double-faced, this phone. Maybe I should stop, throw it away. I’ll pay attention to my partner. Yes, she is in the bed. Next to me. Sleeping. She loves me. She thinks about me every second. The goal of her life is my happiness. She compliments me, that’s why I love her. As much as I love myself. Life partners, how amazing they are. Much more trustworthy than phones. Unfortunately she’s sleeping. I’ll take the phone. Another social media. Lots of messages on there. That’s unusual. A surprise. I open the messages, I read and as it turns out I am a degenerate who has no place in this world. Everybody knows that, they have always known. Everybody. Except me.