Post-dramatic, verbatim, documentary, Contemporary performing art

Author: Sofija Melnikova
Creative team:
- Text: Sofija Melnikova
- Directing: Sofija Meļnikova, Valters Sīlis
- Visual design: Kristina Rezvõhh
- Light design: Niks Cipruss
- Translation: Māra Poļakova
- Performer: Sofija Melnikova

Producer: Dirty Deal Teatro
Date of premiere: 25/11/2022
Duration: 1:35
Dates in SKATE: 4/11/2023
Venue in SKATE: Dirty Deal Teatro

*Drama Queen - a person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way. 

“This is the story about how this war turned me into a drama queen.

How to survive exile, fear, loneliness, failed love and the breakup of an eight-year relationship? This performance is based on my memories as a refugee, the story of how I found myself in Riga and the emotional twists and turns on my way to that," says Sofija Melnikova, the play's playwright and main actress.

The show is in Ukrainian and Russian with subtitles in Latvian and English.