Post-dramatic, verbatim, documentary, Latvian original dramaturgy, Contemporary performing art, Original music

Author: Inga Tropa
Creative team: Directing, text: Inga Tropa | Producing: Aksels Kaulakāns | Visual design: Kate Krolle | Music: Edgars Raginskis | Sound design: Kārlis Tone | Light design: Lauris Johansons | Performer: Inga Tropa

Producer(s): Dirty Deal Teatro
Date of premiere: 18/01/2023
Duration: 1:20
Dates in SKATE: 2/11/2023
Venue in SKATE: Dirty Deal Teatro
TranslationPerformed in English

In “The Charon‘ the audience will get to know the mythical psychopomp, the ferrywomen, they will travel to the jungle, the depths of water, the shores of river Aiviekste and the darkened trails of Inga’s (the director of this performance)  childhood. 

Before the world was stopped by Covid, Inga went to regain her physical and mental health in the jungle, but, only by getting even sicker, she finally recovered. 

The director: 
“Since the beginning of humanity one of the stories we like to tell is about a hero, who goes on a journey, completes many tasks, endures danger, dies to be born again and goes back home. 

I was called on a journey by the Charon, who took me to the jungle of Mexico, where, on my deathbed, defeated by sickness, I finally stopped running from myself to see my wounds and the overgrown paths of my psyche. 

I hope that this story, where I had to reveal things as they are, will help other people realise that we are not alone in our sickness and sorrows, everyone feels lost from time to time, it’s only normal to fall, get up and go on in your life, because as the Charon whispers - death and birth are one of the same.”