Dailes Theatre begins it's 104th season

Dailes theatre, loved by public and critics, has begun its 104th season. Respected and talented local and international directors are engaging in dialogue with the public on two stages where they interpret selected dramaturgical stories played out by professional troupe and team.

The season will open in the Big Hall with staging of Leopoldstatd written by ser Tom Stoppard and directed by American actor John Malkovich. This work boldly examines what it means to be different – a stranger among strangers, not only in one's own eyes but also in the eyes of others. Meanwhile, celebrating the centenary of director and playwright Pēteris Pētersons (1923–1998), a special musical programme was prepared with involvement of actors, choir Kamēr… and pianist Matīss Žilinskis.

In November, on the stage of Big Hall we will see a work of symbolism titled Spīdolas nakts (Night of Spīdola) directed by Viesturs Kairišs. Drawing inspiration from the dramatical works by Rainis, playwright Matīss Gricmanis has envisioned an original work of art, a reflection on Rainis as a controversial figure. It will be a “play” around Rainis and his relationships with his own creations that continue to live and form the unconsciousness of every Latvian.

A special occasion for the Small Hall is the production by British director Amy Milburn, her third work for Dailes Theatre – The Ritual Slaughter of the Good Guy. It is based on Dennis Kelly’s hot take on mythology of success. At the end of September, director Anna Abalikhina who works in the genre of physical theatre will address the public with unusual and fresh modes of expression presenting her Eiridīke (Eurydic). And at the beginning of the next year, director Inese Mičule and one of the leading actresses of Dailes Theatre Ilze Ķuzule-Skrastiņa will present their monodrama Visas viņas (All Them Women).

First half of 2024 will see historical drama Sarkanais princis (The Red Prince) staged by internationally acclaimed Estonian director Tiit Ojasoo, as well as interpretation of Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare under direction by Jeff James – one of the most promising new directors working currently in Europe.

A turn in artistic vector of Dailes Theatre was Rotkho, a performance put on stage by the provocative Polish director Lukasz Twarkowski, a work that had an extensive tour in various countries and theatres with Onassis Stegi in Athens being a special occasion among them where the performance gained standing ovations from the public. The performance will tour this season too, attesting that Dailes Theatre is able to speak to international audiences outside Latvia.

Rotkho has no genre – its directing, scenography and actors work hand in hand with previously unseen technological solutions in the visual field. The work reflects on relationships between art market and artists including Daugavpils-born Mark Rotko (1903–1970), it examines self-deceit of buyers of super expensive art works and the perfect illusion created by ingenious con men. This production brings together broad international team from Poland, Germany, France, China and Latvia.