Cooperation, not competition and international collaborations at theatre "Ģertrūdes ielas teātris"

The future belongs to cooperation, not competition. Because of this Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris in this season along with preexisting work will welcome the audience to new productions that will give space for people to be together and to look at ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

Together with Paide theater in Estonia and the festival of alternative chamber music Sanusī on November 8th Ģertrūdes ielas teātris will present a premiere for chamber opera “Monstera Deliciosa”, with a creative team lead by Estonian stage artist Barbara Lehtna. The opera got its name from a once very popular house plant with big leaves. Its libretto is based on interviews with Latvian and Estonian women that take care of plants on a daily basis. The stories from teachers, craftswomen, workers in public buildings, pensioners, students and cashiers will be sung by singers of four different generations, who will reveal the invisible care and work that women around us provide on a daily basis. By using elements of “the natural” and “the synthetic” the performers will  create an interspace in the middle of the binary field of modern culture between real and fake plants, to look for contemporary and feminist language, and alternative ways to come together.

Until the end of 2023 two other new performances will take place. Together with new generation dancers director Andrejs Jarovojs in the performance “tas ir viss, ko mēs varam” (that’s all we can do) will try to learn more about young people who gather to change themselves and their surroundings by dancing to electronic dance music. Dance performance that will premiere by the end of November will look into the aesthetics and the political potential of club culture by reflecting on the new generation’s need and power to change the world around them.

In January of 2024 stage artist Artūrs Čukurs in his solo performance “Salūzušu attiecību remontdarbnīca” (Repair shop for broken relationships) will address the complicated webs of human and object relationships by creating an object based performance together with things from our daily lives. This musical performance will ask you to listen to things that we have around to look for potential  in the relationship between people and objects.

Apart from new performances, the theater will also still showcase work from different seasons. At the end of the previous season a performance/lecture “Piecas dziesmas - pasauli apdzīvojot” was premiered. This performance is a personal story, a dedication to the body of a post soviet woman. It invites the audience to question our views about normality, empathy and belonging. Laima Jaunzema follows the changes in the bodies of women from different generations to rethink the complicated relationships  in which we change with the world around us.

The repertoire will also be enriched with concerts, discussions and conversations, as well as guest performances from Baltic states and local partners.

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