Cēsu Mazais theatre’s plans for season 2023/2024

Our first premiere of this season already took place during Valmiera Summer Theater Festival. Director Liene Šmukste staged a play for children 5+ “FIGŪRAS” (5+ FIGURES) ­– a visually sonorous, figurately figural performance with elements of tricks.

Is the sun a circle? Is a fir tree a triangle? Is a house a square? But maybe it is the other way around? Maybe the sky is the sea and the sea is the sky? Maybe the horizon is a line you can travel to reach the sun while it sets in the sea?

Can two people build a world inside another world?

If you like to build something from something, come to our performance and participate in building of the world!

Directed by Liene Šmukste.

Music and songs composed by Mikus Frišfelds.

Scenography and costume design by Berta Vilipsone.

Produced by Ilze Liepa.

Performed by Sandija Dovgāne and Artis Jančevskis.


Our next production will premiere in early November. Four freelance artists have joined their forces to stage for the first time in Latvia the play The Long Weekend by Canadian playwright Norm Foster. Their goal is to speak about problems in relationships using comedy as a medium.

It is a story about four friends who meet in a remote cabin by the woods to spend their holidays. Despite their long friendship a short span of time is enough to reveal secrets buried in the past. While our heroes engage in conversations we discover some untold secrets. It turns out every character has an unfulfilled dream.


At the end of January, Ukrainian director Sofia Melnikov will present a performance for young adults. It will be a nonfictional stage play in which four actors will share their personal stories about the challenges of teenage years and their impact on their adult live focusing on addiction and co-dependency. The four actors: Mārtiņš Liepa, Agris Krapivņickis, Ilze Liepa and a student of stage acting programme of Latvian Academy of Culture who will represent the younger generation and serve as a bridge between the young viewers and the three older actors. Director wishes that young people would see their challenges as from a distance and maybe, taking inspiration from the performance, avoid the wrong decisions in their own lives.

Directed by Sofia Melnikov

Playwright – Diāna Kondraša

Scenography and costumes by Kristīne Rēzviha

Music by Olga Milaševska

Producers – Ilze Liepa un Katrīna Riemere


In late February / early March, the theatre will premiere the staging of Pourvu qu'il soit heureux by Laurent Ruquier. Latvian parliament still has not passed the Civil Alliance Law that would allow same sex pairs to officially register their relationship. There have been open letters and petitions and a lot of heated discussion on this topic. We want to address it all in our staging of this work.

The main characters of the play are Mother and Father who discover their son’s homosexuality through yellow press. Each parent represents different views reflecting the moods of society. Only the third act introduces the son himself shifting the perspective.

Directed by Roberts Dauburs

Scenography and costumes by Dana Deineko

Music by Dāvis Grīnhofs

Translated by Agate Dewailly

Actors – Inga Alsiņa-Lasmane

Edgars Samītis

Jurģis Lūsis

Producer: Ilze Liepa